Surrogate Stories

All of our surrogates are amazing and have incredible stories to share. It was tough to pick just a few to share with you here but we believe these women represent the stories of many surrogates in our program.

"My name is Jennifer and I am stay-at-home mom from the beautiful, frozen state of Minnesota. I am also gestational surrogate. My husband and I are former foster parents and we adopted one of our foster children. [...] "


Waite Park, Minnesota

Delivered Singleton

"My experience with Growing Generations was absolutely amazing. I really believe that in the future, when I look back on all my accomplishments, it will easily be one of the best things I ever did. [...] "


Gridley, California

Delivered Twins

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"Seeing my intended father with his kids and knowing how happy he is and how happy they all are. It's a joy that will last my whole life. When I'm on my deathbed, I know I can say that I did something good in the world."


College Station, Texas

Delivered Twins
Due with Singleton

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"Unlike a normal job, surrogacy allows you to be with your children more and your children can be a big part of the experience. It has a tangible outcome that they can see "a family."


Modesto, CA

Delivered Triplets
Delivered Twins
Delivered Singleton

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"What Growing Generations offered was more than I ever thought. They take care of you from the very first moment. Throughout each of my surrogate pregnancies, I knew I could call anytime I needed support."


Albany, Ohio

Delivered Singleton
Delivered Singleton
Delivered Twins

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"My family learned so many things because we used this as a teaching lesson. I feel like we've really taught my kids how to give. They understand there's a lot we can to for people, not just ourselves."


Fresno, CA

Delivered Singleton

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"Personally, I've become much stronger and more independent. I've gotten a lot of promotions at work because people see the difference in me. You feel like Superwoman because giving the gift of a child is huge. "


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Delivered Singleton
Delivered Twin
Due singleton

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